TCC is a casting technique which is used for off-loading and to heal diabetic foot ulcers by distribution weight along the sole of the foot.
The technique can be used for both foot ulcers and Charcot Foot in its initial and its later stages when deformity and ulceration is occuring.

The TCC workshop is held on 7 November 2014 at Stadionmässan in Malmö, Sweden.

The workshop will provide insights and training on when and how to use the TCC-technique and is a unique supplement to participation at the Symposium.

The workshop is organised by Per Flink, Skåne University Hospital, Thorleif Strand, Poptek Gipsteknik AB and Paul Ipsen, Hässleholms Hospital, all cast technicians with strong expertise concerning TCC and other care solutions for the diabetic foot.

TCC WORKSHOP PROGRAMME Friday 7 November 2014:

09.00 – 09.30  
Registration and coffe / tea

09.30 – 10.00  
The Diabetic Foot – A challenge for patient , health care, provider and society   
Jan Apelqvist- Associate Professor Skåne University Hospital

10.15 – 10.45

An interactive guideline of how to treat diabetic foot ulcers with TCC and combicast – both with offloading effects                            
Per Flink- Cast technician  Skåne University Hospital

11.00 – 11.30 
Fabriques and dressing technique                           
Henrik af Forsellles - Registered Nurse  in charge of the wound management
at the Orthopaedic clinic at Skåne University Hospital

11.40 – 12.10 
The orthotic management of the diabetic foot      
Paul McShane – Prosthetist / Orthotist  Aktiv Ortopedteknik AB

12.10 – 13.15 

13.15 – 14.00 
Practical demonstration of TCC and Combicast orthosis (CCO)    
Per Flink , Magnus Andersson , Thorleif Strand , Paul Ipsen – Cast technicians

14.00 – 16.00 
Practical session with the participants divided into smaller groups

Opportunity to applicate TCC and CC

Registration (Pre-registration only)

Workshop registration fee is 250 euros and registration can be made through the online registration system. It is possible to register for the TCC workshop only or in connection with the NDF symposium.

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Included in the registration fee:
Printed workshop materiel, coffee breaks and lunch.

What is Total Contact Cast ?


The "Total Contact Cast" is a casting technique that is used to heal diabetic foot ulcers by distributing weight along the entire plantar aspect (sole) of the foot. It is applied in such a way to intimately contact the exact contour of the foot; hence, the designation "total contact cast."

By relieving the pressure on the prominent areas of the foot, the ulcers are permitted to heal if the cast is applied in such a way that the patient can remain ambulatory during the treatment of the ulcer.
The principle involved here is that the cast is molded to the contours of the foot from the back of the heel through the arch region, in the region of the metatarsals, around them and even to the toes. Pressure is expressed in terms of force or pounds over area per square inch.
Therefore, if the weight-bearing area is enlarged the pressure per unit of weight-bearing area diminishes. In this way the pressure which has been concentrated on the bony prominence is distributed over the entire plantar aspect of the foot, allowing reversal of the mechanism that caused the ulcer to occur.

For the Charcot foot, the total contact cast is used in two ways.
In the initial treatment of the Charcot foot when the breakdown is occurring and the foot is quite swollen and reactive, the cast is applied to control the movement of the foot and support its contours.
In this instance the patient is often asked not to bear weight on the foot. In the second instance when the foot has already become deformed and ulceration has occurred, the principle using the cast is the same as described for the foot that has become deformed due to paralysis of the small muscles.