Malmö, Sweden

The symposium will provide a forum for sharing and disseminating high-level scientific evidence as well as local examples of the implementation best practices in diabetic foot care.

The programme will comprise sessions with invited speakers and hands-on workshops.

The symposium will cover topics with clinical as well as organisational relevance.

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WEDNESDAY 5 November 2014

09.30    Registration and Coffee

10.30    Introduction and status of Diabetic Foot Treatment in the Nordic Countries            
             Opening and Welcome                                     Magnus Löndahl
             Basic introduction to pathophysiology of DF    William Jeffcoate
             Current situation of care in a global                Kristien Van Acker            
             perspective and introduction to
             IWGDF Guidelines                                          
            Current situation of care in the Nordic:             Magnus Löndahl (SWE)
                                                                                      Tore Julsrud Berg (NO)
                                                                                      Vesa Juutilainen (FIN)
                                                                                      Klaus Kirketerp-Møller (DK)

12.15    Lunch and Exhibition/ Satellite Symposium

13.45    Center presentations and national discussion            
             Parallel sessions:
             Swedish session         
             Norwegian session 
             Finnish session          
             Danish session 

15.15    Coffee Break

15.45    Meet the expert session: How to – when to;            
             Organise a diabetic foot team – Easy to have a team but how is it working?
             Access, collaboration, referrals   
             Kristien Van Acker

             Pirkka Vikatmaa
             Diagnose and treat charcot foot    
             William Jeffcoate

             Diagnose Neuropathy
             Henning Andersen

             Patient education and compliance    
             Signe Lindgård Andersen

17.15    Programme end for this day

18.45    Conference Dinner


THURSDAY 6 November 2014

09.00    Patient perspective, organisation of care and quality control        
             Characterising the patients and outcome    
             Marjolein Iversen

             Good quality of care form a patient perspective
             Sven Grotdal
             Typical barriers of best practice diabetic foot implementation
             Jan Apelqvist
             Strenghts and pitfalls in organising eHealth in wound care    
             Knud Yderstræde

             Quality monitoring: Why what and how?     
             Leif Panduro Jensen

             Current benefits and problems with data on footproblems in
             Swedish National Diabetes Register    
             Soffia Gudbjörnsdottir

10.30    Coffee break

11.00    Hands-on workshops:        
             Rolf Jelnes  
             Examination of a diabetic foot
             Gunilla Larsson & Katarina Fagher
             Vascular assessment of the diabetic foot
             Jonny Hisdal
             Bodo Günther
             Anne Rasmussen

12.30    Lunch & Exhibition

13.45    Woundcare-Circle Symposium:
             It's not what you put on, but what you take off: Is this concept only for ulcers?

14.15    Meet the expert session: How to – when to;   

             Do surgery – non healing wounds – Use of flaps,
             ulcers that does not heal by conservative means   
             Vesa Juutilainen

             Choose a dressing
             Åsa Asmundsson Lund
             Amputation and rehabilitation    
             Gert-Uno Larsson

15.00  How do we move on move towards implementation of best practice
           diabetic foot care in the Nordic Countries

             NDF Task Force National Working Groups;
             Strategies to pursue national implementation of clinical guidelines

             Magnus Löndahl (SWE)           
             Tore Julsrud Berg (NO)            
             Vesa Juutilainen (FIN)            
             Klaus Kirketerp-Møller (DK)             

             Follow up and panel debate;
             Expectations and challenges of the NDF country strategies.                
             Jan Apelqvist

FRIDAY – 7 November 2014


This day is reserved for educational and workshop activities that are being planned outside the actual conference program.
Registration for these events will have to be made separately.

Workshop on Total Contact Cast